A fully fledged Machine Shop with API Q1technical accreditation and various monogram licenses (valid up to May 2020), covering Spec 7-1, 5CT, 6A, 16A & 16C. Key products and services includes manufacturing and refurbishing of Drill stem Crossovers, Casing / Tubing pup joints, Drill stem stubs, Cross over connectors, Top connectors,  Tees & Crosses, WN/companion  flanges, Adapter/Spacer spools, Drilling spools, Stabilizers, DSA’s, Mud cross, repairing of connections on drill string/stem crossovers; Repair, service and remanufacture of BOP Control Systems, Choke and Kill Manifold, High Pressure Rigid Piping, BOP, Rig handling, Hoisting and Rotating equipment, etc.